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The truth about roberto cavalli glasses?


The truth about roberto cavalli glasses frames? Introducing Roberto Cavalli The name Roberto Cavalli has over the years become synonymous with a whole host of luxury products – jewellery, watches,  fragrance, interior furnishings and of course glasses frames. Roberto Cavalli was born in Tuscany, Italy in 1940 and in the early days of his career […]

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Savile Row glasses frames – the story


Savile Row glasses frames – the story of truly tailored eyewear, at its finest Let’s talk Savile Row. “Everyone has a story to tell” as the saying goes, and some of these stories really are inspiring. A lot of stories are taken on by Hollywood and portrayed in films. Great stories about individual people  – everyone has a […]

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3 Top Tips for Flattering Glasses Frames


glasses frames Looking good?  When choosing your glasses frames yes – they must be functional, but just as importantly, they must be fabulous! Your spectacles are with you everyday, and may be the first thing someone notices about you. How do you want to appear –  quirky? Sophisticated? Glamorous? The right frame can not only indulge […]

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Rimless Glasses


Rimless Glasses – Philip Potter, Dispensing Optician at The Spectacle Shop opticians in Barnsley It has been remarkable dealing during my time in this profession, how advances have been made with rimless glasses. Over the years I have heard many myths regarding rimless glasses – “I cannot have them in my prescription”, “they break so easily […]

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LINDBERG glasses frames – the way forward?


LINDBERG glasses frames at the Spectacle Shop Opticians in Barnsley Just imagine it’s that time of year again when you need to choose your next pair of glasses frames. You’re stood in the opticians with hundreds of frames in front of you, and nothing stands out from the crowd. Within ten minutes you could have […]

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