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Eye Test at The Spectacle Shop Opticians Barnsley

eye test, eye test Barnsley, book eye testAt The Spectacle Shop opticians Barnsley we are passionate about the eye test. With over 20 years experience of testing eyes, listening to our patients and understanding the problems and concerns that patients have encountered in the past with an Eye Test, we believe that we have developed and are working with an approach that always results in happy patients.

“…we insist on a minimum 30 minutes for your eye test. The quality of an eye test is something that I will not compromise on. Many years ago when I was just starting out in the optics industry, I recall attending a job interview. I was waiting outside the interview room and the optician took a customer in for an eye test, and 7 minutes later the optician came out – I was starting to think that this was not an industry that I wanted to be involved in. On another instance, working for a busy chain opticians, I recall an optician performing 50 eye tests in one day! It was then my job to deal with customer dissatisfaction when talking to them regarding glasses! Within 3 days I had left my job, and decided to open up in business and do things differently”.   

Philip Potter, Dispensing Optician, The Spectacle Shop opticians Barnsley

The reason me insist on a minimum of 30 minutes for the eye test is we think it is important that our patient has enough time to feel comfortable with the optician and the answers that they give in the eye test. Changing a prescription is one thing, but we are very focused on spending the time to make sure that we do not “miss anything”, detecting potential eyecare problems early on can be critical.

“Recently, taking this extra time paid dividends, as we were able to identify a brain tumour with one of our patients; within 3 days they were in theatre having an operation and 3 months later our patient came into practice to thank us for saving his life” If you would like to find out more then please read our page regarding eye conditions.

So, what happens when we have completed the eye test?

After completing the eye test, we sit down and take as much time as needed to fully explain the finding of the eye test and answer any queries that you may have. We are very happy to have an in depth discussion and we like to use all of the tools available to us to ensure that our patient fully understands the results of their eye examination; this can include from looking at educational videos and pod casts to demonstrations using the model eye within practice.

icare optical pressure test machine at The Spectacle Shop Barnsley

The Spectacle Shop optical team are committed to investment in improved technology and our latest new equipment addition is our MPS 11 machine, for reading Macular Pigment levels – To find out more please read our page regarding macular degeneration. Many patients comment that when they have had their eye pressure checked they have felt uncomfortable with the “puff of air” into the eye; we use the ICare which checks the pressure within the eye without having to have the intrusive “puff of air”.

Having your eyes tested regularly is very important, the criteria for how often is based on your personal eye health and can vary from patient to patient – on average every 1 to 2 years but in some instances it can be as little as 3 months if there is something that we need to monitor. Some patients benefit from a free eye test, if you are unsure as to whether this applies to you then please visit the NHS Choices website to find out. For private patients are costs are as follows:

  • Private eye examination – £25.00
  • Contact lens after-care assessment – £20.00
  • Contact lens trial and teaching session – £25.00

The team here at the Spectacle Shop Opticians in Barnsley look forward to meeting you. You can book your eye test by filling in the contact form, by calling 01226 296770 and speaking with one of our experienced members of staff, by emailing or simply call into our opticians in Barnsley.