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Alain Mikli Glasses Frames

Alain Mikli Jewellery for the eyes

A new and exciting addition to the Spectacle Shop opticians Barnsley. Alain Mikli established his own brand in Paris in 1978 and pioneered the idea of wearing frames as accessories created to be noticed, not hidden away. Mikli was the first person to achieve worldwide success as a designer of  nothing else but eyeglasses. He has always believed that vision needs should not have to conflict with style and the notion of glasses as prosthesis would forever disappear and be replaced with true “jewellery for the eyes”.

Alain Mikli Celebrity Chic

Worn by a number of celebrities such as Andy Warhol, Grace Jones, Elton John and Uma Thurman, Alain Mikli create glasses frames that are quirky, recognisable for their striking colours and exciting patterning. Although Mikli’s frames lack a visible logo, they are recognizable in the blink of an eye, that is were the money is well spent, you WILL be noticed, you WILL have people rave about your glasses. Alain Mikli frames are a fine addition to our glasses frames collection here at The Spectacle Shop Barnsley.


Alain Mikli material Perfection

Alain Mikli glasses use only premium materials designed for advance comfort and fit with exclusive patents, frames and nose pads chosen to suit every face to perfection and inspired by Alian Mikli’s Lebanese Armenian heritage. All hand crafted – Alain’s motto is “Eyewear for seeing and being seen in… Everything revolves around passion, mistakes and improvisation: this is what makes our product so fantastic.” and they are a favourite amongst avant-garde Americans and European celebrities alike.

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At The Spectacle Shop Opticians Barnsley

We are proud to stock a wide range of Alain Mikli products and will discuss any custom requirements in store, just book an appointment to come and see us.