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Single Vision Lenses

Whether for reading or long distance, we offer a full range of glasses lens materials to suit every prescription. Our glasses lenses are almost entirely made using Hoya FreeForm Technology, which will give you increased sharpness and resolution. This combined with state of the art VisuReal technology ensures 100% accuracy when measuring, and optimisation of visual performance.

All single vision glasses lenses are available in a variety of materials dependant upon thickness and weight requirements. All weights and thicknesses can be calculated prior to order.

Progressive Design and Multifocal Lenses

Progressive design, multifocal or varifocal glasses lenses provide excellent vision at all distances. The various correction areas smoothly transfer into one another, so that the discomfort of any sudden transition into each segment is eliminated. We use almost exclusively award winning Hoya glasses lenses for their superior designs offering exceptional comfort.

In recent years, Hoya has carried out a great deal of research into perfecting its progressive glasses lenses. The latest developments concentrate on increasing the stability, especially while moving, and offering crystal clear vision in all directions and at all distances.

The best example of the latest generation progressive glasses lenses is Hoya’s Hoyalux iD family. All produced with Hoya’s patented iD FreeForm DesignTechnology™ these glasses lenses are truly tailored to the individual.

Occupational Lenses

For those whose visual tasks are predominantly based around near or intermediate work, standard varifocals may not be the perfect answer. With this need in mind, we use Hoyalux iD WorkStyle, Tact TrueForm and Addpower TrueForm glasses lenses to provide for your individual working environment.

Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 200/400

Hoyalux iD WorkStyle is available in two personalised Indoor settings: 200 and 400. These numbers indicate the distances supported by each glasses lens with regard to depth and width perception. Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 200 supports an area up to around 200 cm, while Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 400 supports an area up to around 400 cm. Both glasses lenses feature an optimal visual depth and width perception, with intermediate distance also well catered for.

  • The perfect solution for all computer work, specialist jobs and the best option for serious and professional musicians.
  • Optimal visual depth and width perception, with intermediate distance also well catered for.
  • Two personalised indoor settings: 200 and 400 for optimising distances of up to 2 and 4 metres.

Rimless Lenses

With our rimless glasses wherever possible we use Hoya’s PNX glasses lens material which is ten times stronger than safety glass with extreme lightness and fantastic optical qualities. We now offer a lifetime guarantee against accidental breakage on all PNX lenses. This material is available in all single vision and varifocal lenses in both Transition and Sensity reactive lenses.

Lens Coatings

The quality of a glasses lens material can only be proven in combination with its treatments. We use Hoya, who are renowned for their in house development and advanced application of the highest quality AR glasses lens coatings.

Hoya’s anti-reflection coatings are applied to glasses lenses to eliminate surface reflections, therefore enhancing the appearance of the lenses. Treating a glasses lens with an AR coating allows more light to pass through the lens, ensuring an improved quality of vision. And, the smoothness of the top layer makes the glasses lenses water repellent, and easy to clean.

The optimum performance of glasses lenses only occurs when the coatings are perfectly integrated with the lens itself. Hoya has established itself as a market leader in this respect. All Hoya AR coatings are known for their high quality and stability.

UV Control – A unique coating that provides 100% protection against the harmful effects of UV. Available with Hi-Vision LongLife.
BlueControl – For that extra bit of comfort in the digital world. Available with Hi-Vision LongLife to neutralise the effects of blue light.
Hi-Vision LongLife – Hoya’s premium AR coating and the hardest anti-reflection coating available on the market today. It comes with a 3 year anti-scratch guarantee.
Super Hi-Vision – Ultra scratch resistant, super anti-reflective, very easy to clean.
Hi-Vision Aqua – Scratch resistant, anti-reflective.
Mirror – On-trend coatings to create a radiant, edgy style.

Sensity/Transitions Lenses

A range of glasses lenses that react to UV light, turning darker outside, and clearer indoors. These glasses lenses can be useful for people with age-related macula degeneration, extreme light sensitivity and early stage cataracts. They can also be useful for anyone wishing to combine their glasses and sunglasses into one convenient pair. These are available in single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses to suit.

iLog and visuReal

The Hoya iLog frame tracer scans your selected glasses frame in 3D so that our customers glasses lenses can be manufactured without the customer having to be without them. The visuReal is an essential piece of equipment for the manufacture of tailor made varifocals and also an invaluable tool for improving visual performance on all glasses lenses. We achieve this by taking the measurements of the relationship between your chosen frame and your face. This gives us accurate measurements for all of your individual facial characteristics. The machine is linked to a factory within the UK that will then produce and cut your glasses lenses to the exact shape required without having to send your glasses frames away. Throughout the whole process, no human hand touches the glasses lenses until after they have been manufactured and cut. Also with the iLog, we can alter the shape of rimless glasses to suit the customers’ requirements.