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Macular Degeneration Screening Test Free Of Charge?

Macular degeneration Screening

Good news! Whilst there is no recognised “cure” for age related macular degeneration, recently-developed state of the art technology now allows an optometrist to identify potential sufferers at an early age.

Up until recent years there was no screening equipment available that could easily identify potential future age related macular degeneration sufferers, but a breakthrough has now been achieved in a new macular pigment screening instrument.

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Introducing the MPOD

macular degeneration screening test with mpodThe MPOD is the world’s first fully portable macular pigment screener. It is a remarkably simple to use device that allows optometrists to detect low levels of macular pigment, which may lead to potential vision loss caused by age related macular degeneration.

We may also suggest nutritional supplements, in particular lutein and zeaxanthin, which are two carotenoids found exclusively at the macular region of the eye.

When taking supplements we may also recommend regular macular pigment screening, say every six months, to monitor the progress of the supplementation whilst increasing the level of the all-important macular pigment just so we are keeping a really close eye on you and your eye health, potentially saving sight.

The MPOD has demonstrated amazing success in clinical data and as more people in the UK become aware of this preventable condition.