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opticians in BarnsleyEyecare Equipment at the Spectacle Shop

As part of our commitment to excellence we have invested and continue to invest in eyecare equipment in practice to ensure that we are able to provide the highest quality of care and advice for our patients. Below, for your reference is an overview of the equipment that we currently use regularly in practice.


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The Elektron MPOD is an easy to use device that allows us to detect low levels of Macular Pigment (MP) which may lead to potential vision loss caused by Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD). Far smaller and easier to use than any other similar eyecare equipment, the MPS II allows us to provide macular pigment screening to every patient. We are so committed to helping our customers to look after their eyecare that we are offering this test free for anyone, any age currently. We recently produced an excellent blog explaining more about the screening and links Macular Degeneration here.


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visuReal is an eyecare equipment video centering system that provides a precise measurement which guarantees a perfect centering of spectacle lenses. We now use the visuReal as opposed to a traditional hand measurement which has been used in opticians practices for years. By using the visuReal we are able to quickly determine all of the important parameters required to manufacture a pair of spectacles such as monocular PD, fitting heights, boxing, distance between lenses, head rotation, corneal vertex distance and pantoscopic angle. Using the visuReal is a simple process where we place the measurement tool, take a quick picture and save the results which are then sent directly to our lens supplier Hoya. Some lenses are now so advanced that all of the aforementioned measurements need to be taken into account to optimise your eyecare needs. Using the visuReal greatly reduces the possibility of human error and helps  to provide the best possible products for our patient.

The Hoya iLog

The Hoya iLog enables us to manufacture the lenses for your frames without the customer having to be without them. The machine is linked to a factory within the UK that will then produce and cut your lenses to the exact shape required without having to send your frame away. Throughout the whole process, no human hand touches the lenses until after they have been manufactured and cut. Additionally with the iLog, we can alter the shape of rimless glasses to suit the customers’ requirements.

 iCare Tonometer

ICARE_TA01i_HEADER_FINALThe iCare Tonometer measures the internal pressure of the eye and tonometry is one of the principal tests for glaucoma, but until relatively recently their use in the eye examination was far from routine. Many patients comment that when they have had their eye pressure checked they have felt uncomfortable with the “puff of air” into the eye; we use the iCare which checks the pressure within the eye without having to have the intrusive “puff of air”.