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Rimless Glasses

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Rimless Glasses – Philip Potter, Dispensing Optician at The Spectacle Shop opticians in Barnsley

It has been remarkable dealing during my time in this profession, how advances have been made with rimless glasses. Over the years I have heard many myths regarding rimless glasses – “I cannot have them in my prescription”, “they break so easily and crack around the screws”, “they constantly work loose”.

The biggest problem with rimless glasses is that a lot of opticians do not like working with them. I blame thlindberg2229ais in part due to the poor quality of a lot of lower price frames that are now flooding the market, problems with the wrong style fastenings, poor quality design where the frame and lens meet and not to mention the issues that arise when opticians use poor quality polycarbonate materials that crack when cleaned with the wrong products.

Over the years I have produced over 4000 pairs of rimless glasses with prescriptions from -20.00 to +10.00 and I have made some absolutely stunning rimless glasses.

With lenses, myself and the team at the Spectacle Shop opticians in Barnsley now, where possible insist on using a material called Phoenix. It has superb optical qualities including UV protection built into the lens as standard. It is approximately ten times stronger than polycarbonate with a much higher optical performance value. We have had so much success with this product and we offer a lifetime guarantee against breakage – whether you sit on them, stamp on them, run over them in the car or put them through a 1400 washing machine spin! We have a customer who did drop them in the toaster  (true story) and unfortunately this is one of the circumstances where we cannot cover you!

Getting rimless glasses right

LINDBERG_T78_RGB_AAnother major factor in getting rimless glasses right, is the choice of frame. My personal favourite is LINDBERG – you can find out more about LINDBERG here . The lightweight frame and unique design provide a more subtle look where the lens and frame join. This makes it a lot less noticeable and with PNX lens it combines to make LINDBERG one of the most robust frames in the world. I also enjoy working with Tag Heuer and Stepper frames. We have used both of these brands for years and the “problem percentage” is greatly reduced, which of course leads to happy customers. If you would like to connect with our community of happy customers you can do so through our Facebook page where you can find lots more useful information on glasses frames, lenses and general eye health.

Additionally, from  a cosmetic point of view we can even put a discrete line of colour around any rimless lens to produce an even more attractive pair of rimless glasses.

We love rimless glasses and so do our customers! They are less obtrusive, light weight and it enables us to customise your lens shape to suit your face shape and size. With a rimless frame we can add mm on to the depth or the width or equally take of mm as required. This can be really useful with high prescriptions as we can look to see what thickness your lens will be and then we can start to control the thickness to ensure we produce the best pair of glasses that we can for customers. With over 5 billion combinations of glasses frames available we will always be able to find something for everyone.

If you would like to call in for a chat about your rimless glasses or book an eye examination at our enthusiastic opticians in Barnsley, whatever your prescription, you can do so here: CONTACT US