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Savile Row glasses frames – the story

savile row glasses frames

Savile Row glasses frames – the story of truly tailored eyewear, at its finest

Let’s talk Savile Row. “Everyone has a story to tell” as the saying goes, and some of these stories really are inspiring. A lot of stories are taken on by Hollywood and portrayed in films. Great stories about individual people  – everyone has a story, but how often do we take time to really, truly listen to a story. At the Spectacle Shop opticians in Barnsley we are all about listening to a story – we have many customer’s who come in to the shop for a coffee and a chat, particularly our older generation of customers, whether they are buying glasses frames at that particular time or not.

Aside from our customers’ stories – when we are deciding which glasses frames to stock, from which glasses frames suppliers it is really important that there is a story behind the company that we choose to stock, call us crazy – but for the team at the our opticians in Barnsley,  wearing glasses is so much more than a transactional experience, your glasses say “who you are” “what you believe” they are part of your identity. Savile Row was a story that we could not not invite into our our store.

Aside from Savile Row for the moment, let’s look at the story of your glasses frames – the things you probably rely on the most throughout the day and the year. Unfortunately, most of these “stories” can be quite dull. Mass produced in a big factory in China, in their savile rowhundreds and thousands! All frames frames exactly the same, shipped out to opticians in the UK, to be peddled out at mass. But every now and again you come across a real story, and this is why we felt compelled to write about Savile Row Eyeware.

For many, Savile Row are known mainly for their tailoring. The little known gems are the handmade glasses frames. Savile Row were originally founded in 1898 as Max Wiseman & Co in Rathnau, Germany. In 1932 Maz Wiseman moved the whole of the factory and the technical staff over to  Fish Island, Stratford, London. The machinery Max Wiseman moved over back then is still the same machinery that makes Savile Row glasses today. Despite the mach20_85217980_10inery there are still 120 meticulous hand processes to produce the finished article.

The majority of the glasses frames are crafted from 18K rolled gold and it is the quality that in previous years has gained a great following from John Lennon to Queen Elizabeth II. Savile Row are the last surviving British frame manufacturer and quite possibly the last frame manufacturer in the world using these traditional techniques.

People don’t seem to have time to listen to stories especially the story of the glasses frames that they buy. If you would like to know more about Savile Row, our team would love to discuss the Saville Row glasses frames we stock or alternatively call into the store in The Arcade in Barnsley. If you would like to find out a little more about the Savile Row story, here’s a link to a great video

Best Wishes, your team at the Spectacle Shop

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