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The truth about roberto cavalli glasses?

roberto cavalli

The truth about roberto cavalli glasses frames? Introducing Roberto Cavalli

The name Roberto Cavalli has over the years become synonymous with a whole host of luxury products – jewellery, watches,  fragrance, interior furnishings and of course glasses frames. Roberto Cavalli was born in Tuscany, Italy in 1940 and in the early days of his career he was first recognised for his knit printwork which attracted the attention of major Italian hosiery factories. By the 1990’s the Roberto Cavalli brand had witnessed a surge in popularity with sensual, flowing designs providing the perfect antidote to the sharp, linear style of the previous decade. The first Just Cavalli collection is debuted in 1998. Fast forward to today and Roberto Cavalli have over 50 boutiques worldwide in territories across Europe, Asia, North Africa, the Middle East and North and South America. The Spectacle Shop are proud to stock Robert Cavalli glasses frames – and excited to be shortly receiving a whole new range of glasses frames for our customers to view and enjoy. More about Mr Cavalli here.

Are you “Roberto Cavalli?”

RC0941_052Roberto Cavalli glasses are glamour. If you are “Roberto Cavalli” you are stylish, and you look for products with identity; you are an individual and you want to make a statement. You are not content with blending into the crowd – you are the person who turns the heads in the crowd! As part of the Cavalli identity – your glasses frames play a big part of your image, your identity – your glasses frames say “this is who I am”. Roberto Cavalli glasses was launched in 1999 and the collection is designed to be precious and refined, with distinct and rich features. The glasses frames are always on trend with the current fashions and Cavalli glasses like to reinterpret classic shapes and work on the philosophy that your frames are “jewellery for the face” much like the philosophy of Chopard and Swarovski glasses frames.

Italian design on your doorstep

roberto cavalli glasses frames

stunning image of Roberto Cavalli glasses frames

The Spectacle Shop opticians in Barnsley pride ourselves on working with unique, outstanding brands and we are looking forward to receiving our new updated Cavalli collection of glasses frames. For more information you can contact us by telephone 01226 296770 email:  call into store or fill in your contact details for a return call from one of our experienced eyecare professionals.